About us

MOSA was created inspired by Spain - flamenco, flowers, beauty, passion and endless joy of life...

We are pleased to offer you silver jewelry from Spain made in different craftsmanship.

Filigree - delicate jewelry technique made from silver or golden threads "embroidering" kind of metalwork lace that is specific to Spain, especially an Andalusian town Cordoba, where they call it a cordobese filigree. This craftsmanship has been passed from generation to generation, nonetheless nowadays there are very few craftsmen left who know to perform such a delicate work.

Charro - charro button is an ancient adornment typical to Spanish town Salamanca. Its roots can be found before Christ and has been passed through during reign of different nations in the Iberian peninsula.

Marcasite - special sparkle of marcasite stones gives its owner special Spanish elegance and royal look.

Earrings with oriental look - historically in the territory of Spain, especially Andalucia, arabs were reigning for many years, leaving their heritage in architecture and interior design, art and culture, not falling apart also jewelry craftsmanship.

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